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 Nature of this Platform is Catalytic, Voluntary, Non-profit, Neutral, Positive, Creative & Constructive !!!


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 First Foundation


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  Welcome ! provides a free platform to facilitate lay learners, barefoot researchers, budding innovators and amateur hobbyists to Seek or Share matters of learning interest, public interest and common cause.

   We have revamped our old contents and started with a new initiative to develop need based information based on seek & share theme. So, our content cultivation is now continuous & on-going...

 Hobby Forum :
 For creative passions, skill development, innovation...
 Personality Development  Sports, Adventure Sports
 Do It Yourself (DIY)  Books & Book Reviews
 Innovation  Language Learning
 Science & Technology  Literature
 Ancient Science Studies  Performing Arts
 Academic Hobbies  
 Value Education  
 Learning To Think  
 Pakshi Mitra, Sarpa Mitra  World & National Days
  Common Cause Forum :
 It is about day to day issues confronted by the common man..
 Rights Issues, Helplines  Right To Information (RTI)
 Right To Govt Documents  Rational Thought
 Women, Children  Aged, Disabled Persons
 Laws & Legal Help  Workers, Farmers, Fishermen
 Law & Order  Services - Govt, PSU, Corp
   Know Your Police Station  Health, Medical Help
   Crime Watch  Rehabilitation-PAPs, Slums
   Growing Mafia Culture  Environmental Issues
   Social Security   Anti-pollution
   Caste Tension   Clean Rivers
   Communal Strife   Green Cities
   Anti-Corruption   Clean Cities
   Anti-Terrorism, Militancy     Eco Festival
   Private Detectives  Wild Life Conservation
 Investigative Stories  Disaster Prevention
 Govt Documents :
 Cards - Ration, Voter, BPL, Passport, Aadhar, PAN etc
 Certificates - Nationality, Caste, Marriage, Income etc
 Education Forum :

 Awareness on status of education & plight of students...

 Educational News & Issues  e-Education, Curriculum
  Educational Help   Education Abroad

  Students' Issues

 Competitive Exams

  Parents' Issues

 Career Guidance
  Teachers' Issues

 Who's Who in Education

  Management's Issues

  Students Organizations

  Ednl Policy, Infrastructure

  Youth Organizations

  Malpractices & Scams-Edn   Prominent Persons
  Education Stds - Ours & Global   Institutions, Organizations
  RTI Cases - Education  Academic Hobbies
 Social Forum :

For awareness on (1) basic social information of the caste and social group; (2) promotion of intra and inter caste dialogue and interaction; and (3) building national social mainstream to strengthen national unity and integration.

 Basic Social Information  Caste Lists (All India)
 Universal Social Agenda  Caste Forums (All India)
 National Social Mainstream   Forward Castes (FC)
 Social Books, Articles   Scheduled Castes (SC)
 Social Issues   Scheduled Tribes (ST)
 Social Movements   Other Backward Class (OBC)
 Migrations, Refugees   Special Backward Castes (SBC)
 Minority Groups   Nomadic Tribes (NT)
    Denotified Tribes (DT)
 Social Affirmative Action  Books - Caste Related
 Reserved Castes List Maharashtra
 Students Interstate Living Experience

 Laws relating to Castes, Social Issues

 Commission Reports on Castes

 Growing Demand for Caste Reservation
 Corporate Social Response (CSR)
 State Profile :

 Knowing India & People; its Governance, Administration, Peoples Participation and use of Public money...

 Governance & National Issues  My State Profile (All India)
 Peoples Participation in Govt  My District Profile
 Panchayat Raj  My Smart City
  Municipal Bodies  My Ideal Village
  Zilla Parishad  My Electoral Constituency
  Panchayat Samiti  
  Gram Panchayat  
 Cooperative Sector  
 Know Your People Representatives -
 MPs, MLAs, Corporators, Panchayat Members (ZP, PS, GP)
 Citizens' Study Groups for Development
 Citizen's Groups for Public Audit of Govt Depts/Schemes
 Who's Who Forum :
 Knowing Social Directory of Who's Who in respect of -
 (1) Prominent persons & (2) Notable organizations
 Prominent Persons  Finance & Banking
 Media (Print and Electronics)  Business, Trade & Industry
 Information Groups  Agriculture Sector & Kisans
 Political Parties & Leaders  Labour Sector (Overall)
 Religious Bodies & Leaders  Service Sector (Govt, PSU)
 Art, Craft, Entertainment  
 NGOs, VOs, SAGs, SHGs  
 Persona Non-Grata  
 Know How :
 Know-How of important Sectors...
 Agriculture  Health
 Career  Tours & Travels

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 First Foundation


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