Common Man's Platform to Seek or Share Needful Basic Information, Freely & Openly !!!

 Nature of this Platform is Catalytic, Voluntary, Non-profit, Neutral, Positive, Creative & Constructive !!!


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 First Foundation



  About Us provides a free platform to facilitate lay learners, barefoot researchers, budding innovators and amateur hobbyists to Seek or Share matters of learning interest, public interest and common cause.

  Our main thrust is on providing free and open information to the common man, in order to enable him cope up with the ever-expanding information age and e-governance modules.

  Basically we wanted to focus on Creative Hobby section only, but later felt that other topics like the common cause, state profile, who's who and know how are also equally important. Now all these sections are our hobby ventures.

  Nature of this platform is neutral, non-partisan, non-political, balanced, positive, creative, non-profit, catalytic & voluntary.

    This platform is under continuous progressive cultivation...

 Join us if 'u' r a ...

Hobbyist, in need of basic know-how and hands on experience

Creative Person, in need of honing better skills & techniques

Volunteer, aching for apt constructive and positive common cause

Student, looking for right guidance & timely support

Parent, wanting to express parental care, and share pent up fears & concerns

Teacher, needing to reorient and do justice to professional commitments

Scholar, craving to explore, interact and achieve with clarity & conviction

Researcher, in need of new Insight & Revelation

Professional, in pursuit of excellence and competitive edge

Expert, needing intelligent update on know-how

Explorer, in need of new areas of discovery on unbeaten tracks

Innovator, focusing on hitherto unknown aspects & path-breaking results

Common Man, in need of firm footing to support Common Cause issue and guard Public Interest...!

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 First Foundation




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