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  Basic Policing
   The 'Basic Policing' term is used in the context of Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), as prescribed by the Police Manual.
   The issue of basic policing is arising every now and then as instances of straying away from the SOP are occurring rampantly with an ulterior motive of favouring someone, or implicating somebody, or tampering with evidence as a cover up for obvious reasons and imagine what not....
    Compromising with the fundamentals of basic policing has been a sole reason for massive erosion of the credibility of 'police' in public image. This sullied image often keeps disturbing peace of mind of good police officers, while the bad eggs think privileged to violate law at as per their wish and whim with newer techniques and means - individually or collectively.
   The present gloomy situation is adversely impacting public psyche. Will the innocent people denied of justice from police be driven to adopt illegal ways and in turn get exploited by the criminal syndicates and anti-national forces? The degeneration already set in the system needs to be stopped immediately, as it has potential to create chaotic situation. 
   In this backdrop, reorientation of entire police machinery to the basic policing is the only remedy and recourse available to regain what the policemen had really deserved to keep their head and morale high.
 What the Police Manual says about Basic Policing ?
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