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   Appeal to writers on Investigative Stories

   We welcome stories on following topics:- (1) Terrorism (2) Spying (3) Economic Crimes (4) Cyber Crimes (5) Caste / Communal Riots as a result of growing radicalization and militancy (6) Big Scams, Corruption at high places (7) Cases of Frauds, Rackets, impersonation of Police/Defence officers (8) Crimes by Organized Crime Syndicates having nexus with Businessmen, Bureaucrats and Political leaders; (9) Sensational murders of popular persons, thinkers, leaders; and (10)  False God-men and God-women who amassed huge wealth and properties by cheating people and through illegal means.

  We also welcome write-up on the overall functioning / working style of the police department and policemen. Since police do not work in isolation, do mention inter connected agencies like revenue officials, judiciary, and political masters, or involvement of any illegal caucus, racket and nexus if required.

  Please share notable anecdotes - good or bad, funny or pungent (jokes, sayings) so that the common man should be aware of it :-       

1 Dealing with people Typical police traits and style of functioning - good or bad; Typical language being used - well behaved, courteous  or rustic, bitter and foul;  Different code languages used to settle or unsettle cases; different coded lingo for asking bribe and receiving bribe; as well as distributing the booty; different code words used for money minting cases like - bride burning, rape, bank frauds (real or fake), different crimes (real or fake) involving corporate  executives, film personalities; Codes for off the record, hit and run or  loot and scoot cases; specialized encounters, illegal pick ups
2 Individual Professionalism Investigation methodology - good, bad or obsolete;  Classic (SOP) or third degree; Best cases of policing (crime detection) and worst cases of crime in uniform.
3 Training & Infrastructure Obsolete practices; Reforms introduced; or indecisiveness on adopting better practices; Fulfilling vision of a supercop or just churning out ill-trained, ill-equipped, ill-educated, ill-mannered, most unsuitable chaps;
4 (1) Integrity, (2) loyalty, (3) honesty, (4) moral  conduct, (5) attitude -  without bias, prejudice, arrogance, vengefulness (6) dignity of maintaining professional ethics and (7) credibility in the public eyes

(7 points are applicable to all Govt Servants & Peoples Representatives)
Inspired by the Idea of India, Patriotism, Nationalism, Secularism, Democratic spirit, and Non-parochialism ; 
Sworn to guard the Constitution and the laws of India;
Dedicated, committed to the SOP (standard operating procedure)/ police manual;
Thorough professionalism or getting compromising, greedy, shady, fraudulent, and shirker;
Showing  good or bad behaviour during Caste, Communal and Sectarian riots; Self respecting and law abiding officers or just a fixture enslaved to bad bosses, bad political masters or mercenary nexuses  etc
5 Role of inter connected agencies

Police (all sister agencies), Revenue officials, Judiciary, Political masters: Involvement of illegal caucus, racket and nexus; Cases of Shadow Policing, Parallel Policing, Proxy Policing, False Encounter Specialization;

6 Role of Media (Print & TV) Good or bad anecdotes, dealing with blackmail, murky sting ops
7 Peoples Participation in Policing Good or bad anecdotes. Do you think it is high time to change the old phrases like 'Stay Away From Police'  or 'Never Set a Foot in Court' by becoming more relevant to the present times, shading away our mental fog and lethargy and deciding to become a proactive citizen.

   Please do not use real names of any investigation officers or victimized persons / criminals without citing the FIR No./CR No., name of police station and its district and state and present status of the case and conviction in court.    








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