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   Wildlife Crime

  Wild life crime is a major concern faced by the country. There is growth in crimes like illegal hunting and poaching of various kinds of wild animals.

   Wild Life Crime Control Bureau (WCCB) has been working for effective implementation of Provisions of Wildlife Protection Act 1972. WCCB has a regional office at Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai & Mumbai.

    WCCB has reportedly carried out seizures like Pangolin scale, cut pieces of Antlers horn, Rhino skull-nail-skin, Deer Antlers- horn, Elephant tusks, Leopard skins-skulls-bones, Tiger skulls-bones, Bear and Sambar Skin, Orchid plants, Wild Bear nails, Wild Buffalo nail, Tiger skin, Crocodile skin, red Sanders logs, Serow horns, Otter skins etc.

Maharashtra - Koyna and Chandoli sanctuaries
   Surreptitious movements of smugglers have increased in Koyna and Chandoli sanctuaries for illegal trade of Tortoise (fetching rate of Rs. 5 lakh in international market), Leopard skin (Rs.10 lakh), Tiger skin (Rs.15 lakh), Peacock meat (Rs.500/kg), Rabbit meat (Rs.1000/kg), Snake poison (Rs15,000/10gms). Arrests have been made from Satara and Sangli districts (vill Khodshi, Dhebewadi, Umbraj, Islampur, etc) for illegal trade of Owls, Deer hunting for skin, tiger skin-nails etc. But this trade continues to be flourishing as youths are getting attracted into it for easy money. (From a report of Ram Jagtap of Karad, published in Maharashtra Times issue dtd.Jan 29,2010).


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