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 Awareness on developing thinking skills...
Thinking Should come naturally to all people

Every person has inborn ability to 'think' by way of observation, perception and reasoning. This raw thinking capability gets further developed into various thinking faculties like creative, lateral, critical, analytical and actionable thinking, as the person matures and aims at better quality living. 

Common Man's dilemma over IQ & EQ

Various psychologists have defined IQ (Intelligence Quotient) and EQ (Emotional Quotient) of a person. Besides there are multiple types of Intelligences that further describe a person's intellectual potential. In spite of this awareness, Common Man is unable to pursue free and independent thinking due to intense power struggles being waged by various stake holders, monopolists and vested interests, who dominate and control people and coerce those sections not toeing their line of thinking, into facing enslavement or extinction. Thus normal and conducive atmosphere is very essential to carry out learning activity.   

Impediments on the way of learning to Think

Major hurdles on the way of learning to think are:- Continued presence of (1) Frightening insecurities, critical moments of survival and life threats (2) Hanging danger of Racist, Communal and Casteist attacks in a bid to dehumanize the Common Man and paralyze his/her ability to react, oppose or revolt (3) Isolation, ghettoization, discrimination and exploitation that sucks and robs dignity of labour of the common man (4) Carrying dreaded dragnet of retrograde and obsolete belief system that has blinded sense of past, present and future and blocked away ray of hope for tomorrow (5) Goebbelsian hammerings to confuse, degrade, demoralize, disarm & enslave the Common Man, disallowing use of his natural faculty of own thinking - realistic and rationalist.


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