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 First Foundation



  Social Forum : First Foundation

For awareness on (1) basic social information of the caste and social group; (2) promotion of intra and inter caste dialogue and interaction; and (3) building national social mainstream to strengthen national unity and integration.

 Basic Social Information  Caste Lists (All India)
 Universal Social Agenda  Caste Forums (All India)
 National Social Mainstream   Forward Castes (FC)
 Social Movements   Scheduled Caste (SC)
 Social Issues   Scheduled Tribes (ST)
 Social Books, Articles   Other Backward Class (OBC)
 Social Weblinks   Special Backward Castes (SBC)
 Migrations, Refugees   Nomadic Tribes (NT)
 Minority Groups   Denotified Tribes (DT)
 Social Affirmative Action  
 Reserved Castes List Maharashtra
 Students Interstate Living Experience

 Laws relating to Castes, Social Issues

 Commission Reports on Castes

 Growing Demand for Caste Reservation
 Social Study Centres & Research Institutions
 Corporate Social Response (CSR)

 First Foundation





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